We showcases at alimentaria a new line of sustainable products that do not require cold storage

We showcases at alimentaria a new line of sustainable products that do not require cold storage

We will showcase our commitment to sustainability at the Alimentaria (Barcelona, 4-7 April) trade show: compostable trays for its trinxat and glass containers

On the one hand, it will showcase the new 100% compostable 400 gram trays for its trinxat, which are already in supermarkets and reduce the amount of plastic used by 72%. The trays are used in addition to FSC-certified cardboard packaging which guarantees that the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

And on the other, we will display the early prototypes of a new line of glass containers, which will eliminate the need for Carlit products to be refrigerated.

Carlit’s director, Xavier Espuña, explained that “the commitment to sustainability has involved a major investment and significant efforts for a company like ours, but being sustainable is not optional; it is a must.

Xavier Espuña added that “we had begun to explore sustainable materials for our products before the pandemic. But it is not easy. First, you have to identify the materials and then be able to adjust the production process to the new characteristics of these materials. Lastly, you have to assume the additional cost that working with these materials entails. This meant we cut our profit margin and suffered through many headaches to get things right. But we would do it again a thousand times over. The duty of food producers is to have people eating well and healthily, and to do so in a sustainable way.”

The first prototypes of trinxat and liver bread in glass packaging will be on show at Alimentaria. The new format is not only a commitment to sustainability, but it will also allow the manufacturer to branch out from refrigerated areas, as the new packaging will not require cold storage.

El nou envàs forma part de les accions de sostenibilitat econòmica, ambiental i social que hem batejat com els “Carlit Commitments”.

Carlit will present its new innovations at the Catalonia Gourmet Cluster booth located at stands E200 and E150 in Pavilion 1 of Fira de Barcelona.