What would we Catalans do without our cooked pork? What would we be like without a good loaf of bread with a chopping board to slice it on and a tomato to rub on it? Our roots lie in making sausages and we continue to prepare our products just as we were taught to do, with their traditional taste. Have you noticed our flat llonganissa sausages? They’re flat because they’re like farmers” sausages! In each llonganissa, liver bread and magret you will find the same sensation: a taste for tradition and the products of our land.


Liver bread

Liver bread is a variation of the famous French pâté de campagne, closely linked to La Cerdanya, from where it has spread to other regions of the Pyrenees.

Duck magret

The taste of duck, intense but smooth, brings back memories of the mountains, the peace and quiet and fine landscape of Carlit. We select ducks bred outside to make our finest magrets.

Cerdanya llonganissa

Our llonganissa sausage is made with patience and the airs of Cerdanya. Which is why it has such a unique and special taste.

Cerdanya panxeta

At Carlit we cook everything in a home-made manner to enable you to experience the taste of the tradition and products of our beloved Cerdanya.

Cerdanya baiona

At Carlit we produce our baiona (Bayonne ham) in an artisan manner using natural pork tripe filled with pork, spices and pepper.