At Carlit we cook everything in a home-made manner to enable you to experience the taste of the tradition and products of our beloved Cerdanya.
Panxeta (bacon) is a traditional Catalan cold meat that forms part of several renowned dishes, including trinxat!
And what would we do without panxeta? So we make it ourselves.
There are no secrets to how it’s produced: we salt it and leave it to cure, with the patience and the airs of Cerdanya which characterise our products and give it its unique taste.
What is it?
Bacon is a fatty tissue, usually with rind, found on the pig’s belly, loin and cheeks.
How should it be eaten?
– As an appetiser
– As cold meat
What formats can it be bought in?
– 2kg pieces – 3-piece boxes
– 100g slices – 12-unit boxes