Carlit is sensitive to the needs of people who want to avoid eating and using animal products and follow a lifestyle based on respect for animals.
The vegan range excludes all products of animal origin, including eggs, dairy products and even honey. In the vegan trinxat we’ve replaced the traditional cooked bacon with caramelised onion.
What is it?
Trinxat from Cerdanya is a dish with a great culinary tradition in the Pyrenees and many enthusiasts throughout Catalonia, and now Carlit has brought out a vegan version of this traditional dish. Its recipe goes back years and its main ingredients are cabbage, potatoes and, in this case, caramelised onion.
How is it cooked?
– In a frying pan.
– Bain-marie.
– In the microwave.
What formats is it available in?
– 400gr trays.