Artesanies Carlit S.A.

We are that way!

As is!

That’s what we’re like at Carlit, taking things as they come. We love La Cerdanya and its traditional cooking, making it, putting it in our mouths and thinking… Wow!
Although we began as Carlit in 1998, our roots go back much further. The previous generations of our family knew what good food meant, particularly good sausages, as Embotits Costa was established in 1935.
At Carlit we thought that if we were Fans of La Cerdanya and wanted a piece of it on our plate, why shouldn’t we share it?
That’s how Carlit began. If you’re passionate about La Cerdanya and its mountains, and you have a taste for good home cooking, you’re one of us!
We are #FansCerdanya. Every day the whole team strives to make you one too, and to make you a #FanCarlit too!

Artesanies Carlit S.A. Som uns frescos!

Yes sir! We’re proud of everything that’s fresh. Every day we go to the market to buy what we need: cabbage, potatoes, meat… We’re market people and we like our produce local. So all our raw ingredients are locally produced, like us and like you, we all love home cooking.

Artesanies Carlit S.A. El mateix que fem a casa

Our recipes have no secrets… Well, maybe just one: we make everything as if we were cooking at home, just like our grandparents, our great-grandparents, our great-great-grandparents and the grandparents before them… We salt the magret (duck breast) and bacon and let it cure.rnrnTo make the llonganisses (pork sausages), all we do is mince the meat, season and stuff them and let them cure as we have always done. That’s why they have their flat shape, like farmers’ sausages.

Artesanies Carlit S.A. I cap a casa vostra falta gent

Once it’s been well cooked, we pack it in different ways: whole, for those who like to cut off a piece, and sliced, for the lazier and more practical among us.rnrnEvery day we go out and take a little piece of La Cerdanya to the shops and supermarkets so that it reaches your plate freshly made.

Our products

Artesanies Carlit S.A. - Trinxat de la Cerdanya

If one dish defines our Cerdanya, it has to be trinxat. It seems odd that something as simple as mixing potatoes, cabbage and bacon can taste so good, right?
Well, this is the kind of cooking we like, what our grandmothers made us and what we continue to make so lovingly. We look for the very best, home-grown vegetables and we add the bacon. Enjoy your meal, trinxat fans!

Artesanies Carlit S.A. - Xarcuteria

What would we Catalans do without our cooked pork? What would we be like without a good loaf of bread with a chopping board to slice it on and a tomato to rub on it?
Our roots lie in making sausages and we continue to prepare our products just as we were taught to do, with their traditional taste.
Have you noticed our flat llonganissa sausages? They’re flat because they’re like farmers’ sausages!nnIn each llonganissa, liver bread and magret you will find the same sensation: a taste for tradition and the products of our land.