#CompromisosCarlit (‘Carlit commitments’) is the whole set of actions that we have always taken to respect people and the environment. Our commitments go beyond philosophy and are translated into real actions to improve sustainability, social responsibility, etc.
We know we still have a lot to do, but also that everything is possible.
It is our goal to remain honest and transparent, that is why we want to share some of the actions we believe we are already doing well.
And more will come!
Carlit compromisos - tradició sempre
Every effort is made to divulge and spread the cuisine of our grandmothers from La Cerdanya. We only modernize the format of their recipes, making it easier and adapting it to our current pace of life.
Each year we give 1,000 trinxats during ‘La Festa del Trinxat de Puigcerdà’ (gastronomic event in Puigcerdà). Sharing to spread the tradition!
Carlit compromisos - natural 100%
We source our ingredients from local producers, naturally.
For example, the milk used to produce the ‘pa de fetge’ (literally, ‘liver bread’, a variation of the French ‘pâté de campagne’), comes from local producers in La Cerdanya. Our cardboard, label and packaging suppliers, as well as our logistics service, are also from the region.
No additives or preservatives are ever added to our trinxat.
Carlit compromisos - envasos sostenibles
We have worked very hard to effectively reduce by more than 70% the amount of plastic used in the packaging of our trinxat. The inner tray, which is made from renewable plant materials, is biodegradable, compostable and FSC-certified.
All the cardboard used in our packaging comes from sustainably-managed forests (FSC-certified).
100% of our electricity comes from natural and renewable sources. The CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia) certifies annually that our energy comes exclusively from renewable sources.
Carlit compromisos - menjar saludable
Besides promoting the consumption of local vegetables and products of the highest quality, we are also obsessed with ensuring food safety to the highest degree. That is why, and after so many efforts, we finally obtained a certification that usually only major companies hold: the IFS Food, a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised food safety standard.
We promote sports and physical activity by supporting local clubs and sporting events in La Cerdanya.
Carlit compromisos - cuina fàcil
We are convinced that eating right doesn’t have to be complicated: no master’s degree in culinary arts is required and we don’t actually need to have all the time in the world.
We support Slow Fast Food and we are struggling to prove that eating healthy is possible, with local high-quality products, in only one minute (microwave or frying pan).
And to those who say that they can’t eat trinxat due to lack of time or knowledge… Well, it will only take one minute to change their mind!
Carlit compromisos - fem comunitat
We fight against food waste. We give all our products with a remaining 70%-80% lifespan to The Red Cross in Puigcerdà. Only in the first half of 2020 we gave 1,400 ‘pans de fetge’.
We gave numerous products to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and nursing homes during the coronavirus quarantine, in order to support those who worked tirelessly in this fight.
We have joined the “Too Good To Go” platform to combat food waste. We offer packs of our products in perfect condition and within their expiry date, but that are discarded by supermarkets because they have less time in which to sell them.
We are backing sport in the region. We are supporting Club Gel Puigcerdà, cornerstone of Cerdanya, by offering a job position with flexible working hours to players from the men’s and women’s senior ice hockey teams. The flexible working hours allow them to combine training with work and to establish roots in the territory.