The taste of duck, intense but smooth, brings back memories of the mountains, the peace and quiet and fine landscape of Carlit. We select ducks bred outside to make our finest magrets.
Gourmets and those who don’t normally like duck any other way, we challenge you to try Carlit magret!
You will taste a little piece of our Cerdanya!
A French cross-breed, very tough and resistant.
The duck spends three weeks inside until its plumage appears, it then goes outside, where it will spend 9 weeks eating corn twice a day. Once the 9 weeks are over, the duck goes inside again where, finally, it is fattened with 100% corn.
The duck”s growth process is not quickened.
Once we have the freshly-made duck ham, we put it in the natural curers, where it will spend 4 weeks drying naturally. Once it has been cured it passes onto the cutting and packaging lines.
How can we eat it?
– In salads.
– As a sausage.
In what formats can we find it?
– In 50gr envelopes with individual cuts.