Artesanies Carlit - pa de fetge
Liver bread is a variation of the famous French pâté de campagne, closely linked to La Cerdanya, from where it has spread to other regions of the Pyrenees.
Although the pork butchers of La Cerdanya exported it when they emigrated to the areas of the Pre-Pyrenees, at Carlit we want to recover our roots and bring liver bread back to La Cerdanya.
We invite you to feel the roots of our home with Carlit liver bread!
What is it?
La Cerdanya liver bread is a pâté de campagne which retains the traditional and original methods and recipes of our grandparents.
How can we eat it?
La Cerdanya liver bread can be eaten as an appetiser, as a sausage for a sandwich and as a perfect complement to warm salads.
In what formats can we buy it?
– 100gr envelope with individual cuts
– Piece of charcuterie
– Mini piece of 250 gr