At Carlit we produce our baiona (Bayonne ham) in an artisan manner using natural pork tripe filled with pork, spices and pepper.
We leave it to cure in the airs of Cerdanya for between 70 and 90 days. It is the airs of Cerdanya that give it such a unique taste.
It goes perfectly with hors d’oeuvres, salads and bread and tomato.
What is it?
Baiona is made from staffed and cured pork shoulder and gathers all the ancestral tradition from La Cerdanya regarding dry-cured meat.
As a matter of fact, the first evidence of ham curing in Spain was found in La Cerdanya, at the time of the Roman Empire. The concept of ‘Cerretani hams’ can already be seen in the late 2nd century BC, in one of the manuscripts from Diocletian.
How should it be eaten?
– As an appetiser
– As cold meat for sandwiches.
What formats can it be bought in?
– 800g pieces – unitary boxes