Photo: @lauraponts
If one dish defines our Cerdanya, it has to be trinxat. It seems odd that something as simple as mixing potatoes, cabbage and bacon can taste so good, right?
Well, this is the kind of cooking we like, what our grandmothers made us and what we continue to make so lovingly. We look for the very best home-grown vegetables and we add the bacon. Enjoy your meal, trinxat fans!.
What is it?
La Cerdanya trinxat is a dish with a great culinary tradition throughout the area of the Pyrenees, with many fans throughout Catalonia, due to the fact that it’s one of the tastiest and healthiest vegetables dishes to be found nowadays. The recipe is very old and its main ingredients are cabbage, potatoes and bacon.
How can we prepare it?
– In a frying pan.
– Bain Marie.
– In the microwave.
What formats can we buy it in?
– In 400g trays.