There’s nothing better than accompanying a nice plate of cold meats with a raclette made from local milk. With such a simple dish you can make an absolutely delicious meal which is ideal for sharing! In addition, the exquisite taste is guaranteed if it’s made from local milk, from Cerdanya and Urgell.
What is it?
A raclette brings together the combination of fine food and having an enjoyable time. Years ago, it was made with a utensil made of iron. They would place the cheese beside a bonfire, where they also cooked the potatoes. Once the cheese had melted, they scraped it off and poured it over the potatoes or some pieces of cold meat. Here, we love eating well and enjoying ourselves so, as we’re very proud of our local produce, Carlit’s raclette is made from pasteurised cow’s milk from Cerdanya and Alt Urgell
How is it eaten?
All you have to do is melt the cheese on the raclette tray and accompany it with some cold meats from Cerdanya or any other ingredients you prefer.
What formats can it be bought in?
On 150 gr. trays.
*Not currently available