A meal with friends or the family is just not the same without a good fondue. Sharing makes it worthwhile and with a fondue everything is simpler, easier and more versatile. In addition, our fondue is made from local milk, from Cerdanya and Urgell. We’re fans of our beloved Cerdanya!
What is it?
Cerdanya fondue involves dipping pieces of food into the cheese; this may be bread or any other type of food you like. Carlit’s cheese fondue is made from pasteurised cow’s milk from Cerdanya and Alt Urgell.
How is it eaten?
You have to remove the cheese rind and melt it completely in a pan together with some white wine. Then dip pieces of bread into it with a long fork and, above all, savour the moment.
What formats can it be bought in?
On 150 gr. trays.
*Not currently available