Carlit, in the Viure als Pirineus magazine

This month Viure als Pirineushas published an article on Carlit’s origins and products and its growth in recent years.

The article defines Carlit as “one of the most iconic food companies in Cerdanya”. As its star product, it highlights its trinxat, which is currently being marketed in Catalonia and also exported to France and the United Kingdom.

It will come as no surprise that there is a section devoted to Carlit’s beginnings and how the company’s family of gastronomic products has grown exponentially, pointing to its raclette and fondue, the latest products to be launched onto the market, which, despite not originating from Cerdanya, are made with dairy products from the area and are perfectly in keeping with Carlit’s philosophy of healthy mountain cuisine that is easy to prepare.

You can read the whole article at this link.