Carlit joins the “Too good to go” movement to combat food waste

Carlit joins the “Too good to go” movement to combat food waste

From June, Carlit joins “Too good to go”, the initiative to combat food waste.

This is a social cause that began in 2016 and has been developed into an app that connects stores and food-producing brands with people that want to avoid wasting daily food excess, in exchange for reduced prices.

All you have to do is install the app, choose the brands and stores you are interested in and view the packs on offer from the food brands, like Carlit, at a third of the market price. Then select the pack from the brand of your choice, pay in the app and pick up the pack at the arranged time and place.

Carlit posts packs on the platform from Tuesday to Thursday. On average, packs that would cost 12 euros in any store, are just 4 euros. These are products in perfect condition, that have not passed their expiry date, but that are discarded by supermarkets and stores because they have less time in which to sell them.

For us, “Too Good To Go” has become a way of being #WasteWarriors, and combating the unjust waste with which we were faced. We had tried many times to pass it on to NGOs, but it was not easy because our product needs to be refrigerated.

Now, we manage to save each and every one of these products, reducing food waste and bringing us closer to the Carlit community that values our approach to life!

We have always believed that food is not to be thrown away. Never.