We are #fanscerdanya

Our company, our products and everything we do would make no sense without our beloved Cerdanya. Our roots, our company and our everyday work to bring our cooking to your home continue to demonstrate our passion for the land. And what is a passion unless it is shared?
We would like the fans of La Cerdanya to treat Carlit as just another small part of their Cerdanya and the fans of Carlit to understand and love La Cerdanya the way it deserves!
So, enjoy Carlit but, above all, enjoy our incredible land!

Prepare your stay. There are many things to do and a thousand places to discover:

A trip back in time through the villages, monuments and museums of La Cerdanya. Centuries of history have marked the tradition and have left an indelible mark.

If something is the Cerdanya, it is nature and landscape. Our Pyrenees will never cease to amaze us. Cover your boots or skis well … and discover it!