Our traditions and roots distinguish all of us, and we’re no exception! We started making sausages in 1935. Llonganissa, baiona ham, bacon and cured ham are our trademarks, with our know-how and our patience as we wait for the sausages to be ready to eat.
The air in La Cerdanya give our sausages a unique taste you just have to try!
Cerdanya llonganissa is a sausage made with pork, salt and pepper.
No other ingredient is involved in giving taste to our llonganissa.
Cerdanya llonganissa can be made thanks to the environmental and climatic conditions of our area, together with our experience, passed on over generations of sausage makers.
All these factors have helped us develop a maturing and curing process which gives our llonganissa a taste characteristic of the area.
What formats can we buy it in?
– In 100g packets in individual slices.
– In a 300g piece and in a box containing 6 units.
Cooked pork